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Here is the complete list of the stories and art produced for this year’s normal big bang.
Behind this cut, due to length )
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A little later than intended, as I got waylaid by things, but here are the posting guidelines. They are the same as they were last year, so you can have a look at the works submitted last year. The only difference in the order of the things in the header.

Writers (or artists, if you are better placed timewise) need to post a 'masterpost' to this community. You can post your actual work wherever you like; on AO3, on LJ or DW, or your own website if you have one (there is an AO3 collection for the big bang).
Art can be included in the story, in a separate post or both, it is up to you guys and how you want your work to appear.

The masterpost:
The subject line for your masterposts should read - Masterpost - Author/s - Rating (of fic - e.g. PG - R - you can leave this last bit off if you choose) - Artist

Then use the following header format:

Warnings/spoilers: (character death, non-con, graphic violence/sex, episode(s) etc.) (delete as applicable - I ask that if it has spoilers for the season five, you please list it here, as I know there are people who haven't seen it yet)
Word Count:
Link(s) to fic:

(strong>Art rating: If different from the story rating
Art link:

Coding and extra details under here )


I will be going through and tagging all your entries, so you don't need to worry about that ;)

You can find an example of what your masterpost should look like here: http://thebigbangjob.livejournal.com/32168.html

As ever any questions prod me with a stick feel free to comment here or PM me, or use the poke a mod post. Thank you all for your patience, and your participation this year :)

Good luck everyone, can't wait to read all the amazing stories, and see the stunning art. There are some really interesting stories this year, and one with a very interesting concept, that I hope you all enjoy!


Weaselett / The Big Bang Job Mod
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With the delays, and reduced number of writers, the first day of posting has shifted to the 31st May.

So, writers, there are 14 of you still - and you have the choice of the following dates:

Friday 31st May - acquariusgb (ultra_fic)

Saturday 1st June

Sunday 2nd June - hollymarchosias

Monday 3rd June

Tuesday 4th June - jendavis (kymericl)

Thursday 6th June - lady_yashka (susanmarier)

Friday 7th June - valamenel (mariella1983)

Saturday 8th June - brinchen86 (astral_angel)

Sunday 9th June - telaryn & scout_lover (alinaandalion)

Monday 10th June - yanzadracan (sian1359)

Tuesday 11th June - ruquas (kadams27)

Thursday 13th June - disturbinglynic (evian_fork)

Friday 14th June - theron09 (whiskyinmind)

Saturday 15th June - goneahead & tattooeddevil (firefly1234)

Sunday 16th June - telaryn & hickumu (mizzy2k) - yeahlev & errant_evermore (nessataleweaver)

(Wednesday 5th June and Wednesday 12th June - Reserve days)

There are two extra days - and if necessary up to two writers can pick each day (to allow for anyone who really can't do any others dates etc). Comment with your preferred date (artist or writer can claim - but everything is to be posted on same day).

It is first come, first stolen served.

Please discuss with your artists and see which date works for you all.

I'll note beside each date as they are claimed. (This post is mirrored on LJ - I will update both)
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All of the writers have now either been in touch or have submitted their final drafts - it's now the turn of all you artists to turn in drafts.

Artists -

Your drafts are due in by the 24th May (Friday) unless you have heard otherwise from me - it doesn't have to be everything, but you have to have fulfilled the minimum. This is so that we know that all of the fics have art, and it gives time to find a new artist/make it ourselves if required.

Subject line for art submissions:

artist - author, title of the work you've made it for - art

In the body of the email tell us the type of art - and any extra comments you want.

If you've had any issues, please let us know.

The email address is leverage.bb.mods at googlemail dot com - and you will recieve a confirmation of reciept - if you don't within 12 hours (allowing for my work day ;)), that means we haven't gotten it.


Posting date claims will go live on the 25th - The dates available range from the 30th May - 16th June.
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Final drafts from writers are due today (19th May - final count will be taken at c 6pm UK time on the 20th May - so a little leeway).

I have received three drafts so far (and word from a fourth writer).

All I need from you writers is your final draft of over 15,000 words sent to leveragebbmods@googlemail.com . IF you haven't heard from your artist, please let me know in the body of your email.

By submitting a final draft you are committing to post your story during the posting period. This is your last chance to drop out.

Once I have received all of the drafts, a post will go live that lists the available posting dates and how to claim your preferred day.

I hope everything is going well for you all. I look forward to seeing the rest of the drafts, and the upcoming art drafts :)
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All stories have been claimed. A few artists haven't replied to me, but every writer will have an artist.

It was half and half on whether it was possible to assign two artists to a story, but it would have been a stretch so it's going to just be one artist per story.

I will be notifying you tomorrow/Saturday who your artist/writer is.
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Story Claiming is still open here and there are still five artists who have yet to state their preferences.

In addition - if there's anyone who hasn't signed up officially to be an artist, but would like to, please feel free to drop your details at the artist sign up post, then claim some stories.

I will be contacting any artists who have not been in touch late on Monday to confirm whether you are still intending to take part in the big bang.
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This is the official story claiming post for this year’s Normal Big Bang - aka the post that marks the beginning of artists participation in the big bang :)

You will find all 15 summaries behind the cut. Once you have read through them, and decided on which ones you would like to make art for, please comment with the following:

Choice 1
Choice 2
Choice 3
(Choice 4)

Preferred contact method: Email / Journal Message

Are you willing to do art for more than one story? Yes / No

Comments are screened.
Writers, if any summary seems to be missing, please let me know ASAP.

Summaries )

Any questions let me know. This post is mirrored on the livejournal community - claiming closes on the 28th April.
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Claiming will go live at about this time tomorrow.

It will not be first come, first served - the claiming post will be open for you to comment on (dreamwidth or livejournal) until the 28th April.

You will be asked to give your top three choices, in order of preference, state your preferred method of contact and whether you are willing to do art for more than one story. Comments will be screened.

There are 15 stories and 17 artists signed up. At present, it will be one claim per story (artists have dropped out before due to lack of summaries that interest them - so I am being careful to ensure that all of the stories get art).

IF come the close of claiming, all 17 artists have claimed stories and there is a sufficient number of artists willing to do more than one story, I will consider second claims.

I will pair artists and writers and send messages out to you all. Writers can then send whatever they want to share to their artist, and artists can discuss with writers what they will be doing.

Any questions - or last minute artist sign ups - feel free to message me/leave a comment.
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Art claims will go live on the 21st April as scheduled - so artists, keep an eye on the community for when the post goes live.

I have heard from all but two of the writers who signed up for the big bang - with either confirmation that they are no longer continuing or copies of their drafts. A huge thank you to all of you who have been in touch.

At this moment in time there are around 14 stories that will be going up for claiming. This means we have a few extra artists, so hopefully, everyone should get an artist! I am aiming to have the final 'how to claim, and these are the rules' post done tomorrow night, so that everyone knows ahead of the claiming post how things will work (number of artists v drafts is the main variable at work at present).

Any questions let me know.
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We have 14 artists signed up so far - I will be doing a few promos to see if we can get some more in the next few days. We have only had a few people drop out so far - and there has already been a draft submitted :)

Rough Drafts are due in a week - you have a little more leeway, as I won't be able to chase anyone up for drafts until Wednesday (17th), so as long as I receive a draft fitting the requirements by the end of Tuesday 16th April, you are all good.
If you have any issues/think it might take a little longer, just drop me a message/email and we'll see what we can do.

And in case anyone needs it - here's what we need when you submit your drafts:

Rough drafts need to be a minimum of 9,000 words (60% of the minimum word count). There should also be an outline of the reminder of the fic, to show that it will reach the minimum word count.
All drafts should be in rtf, doc or pdf format, and should be sent to: leverage.bb.mods [@] googlemail [.] com
Your header should read: fic title, your name, rough draft

You also need to include a summary of your fic - that can be used for the artists claiming post. This should be in the body of the email (and remember - that summary is what the artists will be looking at when deciding on the fic they want to claim).
The easiest thing is to follow a format like this:
Pairings and Genre - if your fic is a crossover/fusion, note with what (i.e The Hunger Games/Avengers/Barney)

It doesn't have to be beta'd, or complete, but we ask that you only send in your draft if you're certain that you'll be finished in time for posting.

Good luck everyone!
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This is the mandatory check in for all writers involved in the Big Bang. All you need to do is leave a comment to this entry with the following information, to let me know that you are still here, and still intending to take part.

Are you still taking part in the big bang?
Yes / No / I will be in touch

I am still plotting / I have an outline and have started writing /I am making good progress /
I've finished! /I'm one of those people who works best staring deadlines in the eyes, but I'll get there

Anything else

This post will remain open until the 18th March (or thereabouts - I will close it sooner if everyone has checked in). Comments are screened - so feel free to say anything you want to :)

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Sooooo your mod had date fail (February came too fast!) and asks for your forgiveness for the lateness of this check in post.

This check in is optional - so you don't have to fill it out - but the March check in will be mandatory. This check in is to let you all check your own progress (and see that you aren't alone in being on a lower word count/still plotting) as much as to give me a vague idea of who is still here ;)

Everyone works at a different pace - so no shame people! (Your mod is the sort to poke at plots until a week before deadline and then panic and write in a caffeine fueled haze, just for full disclosure ;))

And now - for the check in questions - please reply in a comment -

Are you still going?
Yes / No / I think so

Is your story....
Still at outline/plotting stage
In progress
Running away from me
Over half done
Finished! (if this one - well done you!)

Anything else you want to share?


(This post will close on Sat 16th Feb - to make up for the lateness)
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Writer Sign Ups are now closed - and we have a total of 29 writers for this year's Normal Big Bang!

I will be doing community admin this week (I'll reply to each of your sign ups - if you haven't heard anything from me by friday, give me a poke). I will be setting up a mirror of the LJ support community over here on dreamwidth.

As ever - any issues, just drop me a message/comment and I will get back to you ASAP.

Good luck all you brave writers! I look forward to seeing all those rough drafts come April ;)
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Just a quick reminder - Writer Sign Ups for the 2013 Normal Big Bang will be closing in just under 13 hours time (at c. 12noon 27th Jan GMT).
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Big Bang rules for artists (2013):
1. You must create a minimum of one piece of art for any story you claim.
2. The art must not be posted/published publicly anywhere else before your assigned posting date.
3. You must have read the Artist FAQ, and be satisfied that you will be able to meet the requirements.
4. To be a part of this year's big bang you must sign up by the 20th April
5. You must be willing to claim a fic summary when they go live (21st-28th April). This year's schedule can be found here. If you are no longer able to commit to do art for any stories, please let us know.
6. You need to have completed at least the minimum requirement for art, and have submitted a draft to the mods, by the 19th May. If for any reason, you are unable to, or have issues, please contact the mods ASAP.

Please use the following form when signing up:

LJ name: [personal profile] weaselett
Author name: weasel
Contact information: weaselett at googlemail dot com
Confirm you have read and understand the requirements: Yes
Would you consider doing art for more than one story? Depends on the length/how much time I have come claiming
Any pairings that you will not make art for? Incest pairings
Is there anything else you are not willing make art for? Porn or graphic violence/rape scenes
Are you ok with crossovers/fusions? If so with which shows/books/films? SPN, Criminal Minds, White Collar, Primeval, Whedonverse, Whoverse, Gateverse, Star Trek....most things
What kind of art do you make? Fic mixes, photo manipulations, icons, fic covers.

Thanks for sighing up, we hope you have fun :)

Mirrored at: http://thebigbangjob.livejournal.com/40221.html
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Sign Ups are now closed

Big Bang rules for writers (2013):
1. There is no maximum word count for this, but your final story must be 15,000 words minimum.
2. The story must not be posted/published publicly anywhere else before your assigned posting date.
3. Final drafts must be beta'd.
4. You must have read the FAQ, and be satisfied that your story will meet the requirements.
5. To be a part of this year's big bang you must sign up by 26th January
6. You must comment on the check in post which will appear 15-18 March (or let us know if you are going to away over that weekend), or notify us that you are dropping out. This year's schedule can be found here.
7. If you are writing two stories, you will need to submit your first rough draft by the 31st March, followed by your second rough draft on the 15th April.
8. All final drafts must be submitted via email to the mods by the 19th May. If for any reason, you are unable to, or have issues, please contact the mods ASAP.

Please use the following form when signing up:

LJ name: [personal profile] weaselett
Author name: weasel
Contact information: weaselett at googlemail dot com
Confirm you have read and understand the requirements: Yes
Are you intending to write one or two stories? One (I'm not crazy ;))
Co-writer: (if relevant) None
Will you be needing a Beta?: Nope
And for our reference:
Will you be writing 'canon', au, crossover or fusion? Crossover/AU - Criminal Minds/Leverage
Do you have any pairings in mind? Alec Hardison/Aaron Hotchner/Ashley Seaver, Alec Hardison/Parker/Eliot Spencer, Ashley Seaver/OFC, and variation thereof (POLY!)
Give an outline of your plot, if you have one: PLOT? You think there's a plot? ... Parker is the only one of the team to escape a trap set by Latimer, and she goes to Hardison's FBI agent for help. Hijinks ensue....which may be NC-17.

You can use the outline section to tell us about any extra things you think we'll need to know (if you're already thinking of writing NC-17, or character death).

Sign-ups are open until 26th January (this post will close to comments on the 27th January).

And finally, good luck to everyone who signs up :) We hope you all have fun!


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What is a Big Bang?
Big Bangs are challenges which last a few months, where you sign up to write a story of a specific length, or to create art, by a certain deadline.
When taking part in 'normal' big bangs, were the initial sign ups are for the writers, each writer receives a piece of art from an artist to compliment their final story.
'Reverse' big bangs are challenges were the art is made first, and the artists receive a complimenting story in return - this will be running later this year.

Basically, it's all about challenging yourself to create something, something bigger or longer than you would normally, as part of a group of people doing the same.

writers )
artists )

If you have any questions, whether it be something that isn't covered by this FAQ, something you want clarified, or just something you want to know, feel free to comment on this post, email me, or use the page-a-mod post (comments on that post are screened). I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

(This post can also be found on the LJ mirror - http://thebigbangjob.livejournal.com/39556.html)
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This is the official page-a-mod post for 2013.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them here and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Comments are screened.
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2013 Big Bang Schedule:

Normal Big Bang - January - June

Writer Sign Ups - 7th-26th January

Artists Sign Ups - 7th January-20th April

1st Check In (Optional) - 8th-11th February

2nd Check In (Mandatory) - 15th-18th March

Writer Rough Draft Deadline: 15th April

Art Claims: 21st - 28th April

Final Draft Deadline: 19th May

Posting: 26th May - 16th June


Reverse Big Bang - July - December (full timeline to be finalized)


As always, any questions/concerns/issues leave a comment, pm or email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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