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What is a Big Bang?
Big Bangs are challenges which last a few months, where you sign up to write a story of a specific length, or to create art, by a certain deadline.
When taking part in 'normal' big bangs, were the initial sign ups are for the writers, each writer receives a piece of art from an artist to compliment their final story.
'Reverse' big bangs are challenges were the art is made first, and the artists receive a complimenting story in return - this will be running later this year.

Basically, it's all about challenging yourself to create something, something bigger or longer than you would normally, as part of a group of people doing the same.


How long does my story need to be?
For this year, the minimum word count is 15,000 words. There is no maximum, so feel free to write your epic 150,000 word fic.

Are there any limits to what I can write?
As in past years, there are a few limits to what you can write for this challenge:

RPF isn't allowed - there are other big bangs for RPF, and while we have nothing against RPF, this big bang focuses on Leverage, and the characters, rather than the actors.

Crossovers, AUs and Fusions are all allowed but the focus of your story must be on a Leverage character. You can crossover with as many fandoms as you like, so long as at least one of the leverage characters is the focus. So you can write your Leverage/Avengers crossover, with super-serum’d Eliot teaming up with the Avengers , and it will fit the requirements of this challenge.

You can also write your AU where Sam never died, or your fusion where daemons are a part of the Leverage universe, and it will be suitable for this challenge.

Slash, Femslash, Gen, Het and whatever other types of pairings you may think of are welcome, though we ask that where a story focuses on a pairing, at least one member of that pairing is a Leverage character.

You must include warnings when you post your final fic, but any rating is acceptable.
Your story also must be beta'd. There will be posts on the community where you can ask for a beta, and there is also the support community [profile] omgleveragebb where you can ask for help/cheerleading.

Can I write more than one story?
This year, we will be allowing you to write up to two stories for the challenge. However, if you choose to do so, you will be required to send the draft of one in ahead of the main rough draft deadline.

Please be sensible about this, if you don’t think you can complete two stories to time, or think it will be a struggle, just focus on the one.

I would love to see everything who signs up finishing their stories, and getting art in return, and I will do what I can to help you all throughout the challenge.

Can I use one of my WIPs?
Providing that you have not posted any of it previously, and that it is not over 3000 words, you can use a WIP.
The reason for this is that the main purpose of this challenge is to encourage the writing of new fic.

Can I write a sequel to a pre-existing fic?
You may, provided that it can standalone. If you have to read the previous fic to understand the new one, than we're afraid it won't be suitable for this challenge.

Can I write and make art?
Yes you can. But again, please be aware of your own limits, and try not to stretch yourself too thin.

What are the deadlines?
The full timetable for this year's big bang can be found here.
There will be two check in polls, so I can see how people are doing, and keep track of anyone who drops out. There will also be a drop out post (which will appear after the writer sign ups close).

1st Check In (Optional) - 8th-11th February - You do not have to take part in this first poll to continue to take part in the challenge.

2nd Check In (Mandatory) - 15th-18th March - You will all need to respond to this poll, as it is at this point that I will be measuring the number of potential stories versus the number of artists. You can message me prior to this date if you are going to be away, but I will be chasing up anyone who does not respond.
Don't worry too much about these check ins, all you need to be able to say come check in is whether you're still in. We understand that everyone works in different ways, so we won't be judging the word counts at this point.

The rough draft deadline, 15th April, is when we ask for you to send us a copy of your first draft. It doesn't have to be beta'd, or complete, but we ask that you only send in your draft if you're certain that you'll be finished in time for posting.
We'll also be asking you for a summary of your fic at this point, for the artists claiming post.

Rough drafts need to be a minimum of 9,000 words (60% of the minimum). There should also be an outline of the reminder of the fic, to show that it will reach the minimum word count.

The final draft deadline, by which point your fic must be a minimum of 15,000 words long and beta'd, is the 19th May.

What is the format for sending in our drafts? And can we send them in early?
You can send your drafts in as soon as you've finished, you don't have to wait for us to post the reminders.
All fic should be rtf, doc or pdf format, and should be sent to: leverage.bb.mods [@] googlemail [.] com
Your header should read: fic title, your name, rough/final draft

What is the posting format for the final pieces? And how will we know when to post?
Once we have the final drafts of everyone's stories and the art, we'll work out a posting schedule, which will then be posted on the community. We'll also put up an outline header for you to use.
You (as the writer) will post the completed header to the community, but you can post your fic wherever you want, so long as you link to it. We have an AO3 collection that can be used if you prefer that posting format.



What are the requirements?
We ask that each artist makes at least one piece of art for each story they claim, but there are some minimum requirements depending on the type of art you are making:

Fic mix: must have a front and back cover and at least six tracks
Icons: a minimum of ten

You can make more than one piece of art, or mix and match the types of art you make as well i.e five icons and a fic cover.

What type of art can I make?
Any kind of art is welcome, so long as it meets the requirements. So you can draw, create photomanipulations, fic mixes or trailer videos.

How does the claiming process work?
We will be asking for summaries from the writers as well as rough drafts. We will then post these summaries, with no mention of the author's name, for you to claim.
Once all of the stories have been claimed, we will email you the details of the author you have claimed, and the author will be emailed your details. You can then work with your author to create your art.

Can I make art for more than one story?
We will ask initially for each artists to only claim one story.
Depending on whether we end up with more stories than artists, or more artists than stories, there will be a chance for artists to claim a second story or to claim a story for a second time. We'll make this clear on the claim post.
Unfortunately this isn't something we can predict ahead of time. Once we have all of the rough drafts, we will have an idea of how stories there are in need of artists.

Can I pair up with a writer on my own, without claiming a summary?
We prefer that all artists claim a summary, rather than pairing up with one of the writers before hand. That said, if you want to pair up with a writer, as well as claim one of the summaries, you're welcome to.

What are the deadlines?
The artist claiming post will be up from the 21st - 28th April - we'll cross off each summary, with a note of who has claimed them, as they get claimed. If all of the stories are claimed before the end of the claim period, you'll hear from us a little sooner.
Once you have the information on your author, you can contact them to get a hold of their draft.
You will then be expected to send us the drafts of your art on the 19th May, so that we know you are ready to post your art. (This is so that we can confirm that all of the stories will have art - and so we can get pinch hitters as required).

What is the format for sending in our drafts? And can we send them in early?
You can send your drafts in as soon as you've finished, you don't have to wait for us to post the reminders.
All art should be jpeg, bitmap or png format. You don't need to send us the zip of you fanmix, the cover art will do. With videos, an email saying that it's done is fine, but if you have a way of sharing it with only us ahead of time, that would be great.
All drafts should be sent to: leverage.bb.mods [@] googlemail [.] com
Your header should read: art, your name, your author's name, final draft

What is the posting format for the final pieces? And how will we know when to post?
Once the final drafts of everyone's stories and the art have been received, a posting schedule will be sorted out, which will be posted on the community. The authors will post a masterlist for their stories to the community, so it is up to you to discuss with them how your art would be best posted.

If you have any questions, whether it be something that isn't covered by this FAQ, something you want clarified, or just something you want to know, feel free to comment on this post, email me, or use the page-a-mod post (comments on that post are screened). I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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