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Sign Ups are now closed

Big Bang rules for writers (2013):
1. There is no maximum word count for this, but your final story must be 15,000 words minimum.
2. The story must not be posted/published publicly anywhere else before your assigned posting date.
3. Final drafts must be beta'd.
4. You must have read the FAQ, and be satisfied that your story will meet the requirements.
5. To be a part of this year's big bang you must sign up by 26th January
6. You must comment on the check in post which will appear 15-18 March (or let us know if you are going to away over that weekend), or notify us that you are dropping out. This year's schedule can be found here.
7. If you are writing two stories, you will need to submit your first rough draft by the 31st March, followed by your second rough draft on the 15th April.
8. All final drafts must be submitted via email to the mods by the 19th May. If for any reason, you are unable to, or have issues, please contact the mods ASAP.

Please use the following form when signing up:

LJ name: [personal profile] weaselett
Author name: weasel
Contact information: weaselett at googlemail dot com
Confirm you have read and understand the requirements: Yes
Are you intending to write one or two stories? One (I'm not crazy ;))
Co-writer: (if relevant) None
Will you be needing a Beta?: Nope
And for our reference:
Will you be writing 'canon', au, crossover or fusion? Crossover/AU - Criminal Minds/Leverage
Do you have any pairings in mind? Alec Hardison/Aaron Hotchner/Ashley Seaver, Alec Hardison/Parker/Eliot Spencer, Ashley Seaver/OFC, and variation thereof (POLY!)
Give an outline of your plot, if you have one: PLOT? You think there's a plot? ... Parker is the only one of the team to escape a trap set by Latimer, and she goes to Hardison's FBI agent for help. Hijinks ensue....which may be NC-17.

You can use the outline section to tell us about any extra things you think we'll need to know (if you're already thinking of writing NC-17, or character death).

Sign-ups are open until 26th January (this post will close to comments on the 27th January).

And finally, good luck to everyone who signs up :) We hope you all have fun!


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